Download a free, full version of our Quoting Software.  Install and use it free for 30 days.  At the end of 30 days simply purchase it and apply your License Serial Number to make it go live.  No reinstall required.
Sales Quoting Software, Invoice Software, let you make quote as easy as in One, Two, Three steps, and go, Making our Quoting Software the Easiest One to use.
High efficiency business Quoting Software that is lively integrated with Outlook, contact manager BCM, ACT, GoldMine, Maximizer, Telemagic, SalesLogix, etc. by get contact information instantly from the contact manager and CRM program you are using now and automatically keeps the feedback information in the contact manager and CRM application synchronized.
Quote from Product/Service items in the Price List database that is create anew and can be type in to build your Product/Service Price List database or import from other forms of your existing item pricing information media such as data in other database product, in Excel or other spreadsheets, or in different formatted text files by using built-in Price List import module and save you import settings including field mapping relationship in n Import Mapping file for re-use to further simplify and seedy up your import work.
Choose from Common Used Pricing Method in our Quoting Software from most common used Pricing Methods in Price List view and re-Pricing, and use intuitive and native Item Pricing Rule to Simplify Complicated Pricing Process such as multi-national trading business landing price.
Use Bundle as the re-usable parts in quoting Process that gets everything from item price to display layout readyto compile faster and neater. You can greatly simplify the quote making process and raise the output rocket high if you have large number of re-usable bundles.
Design the Layout to that formatted with unique and characteristics that present the sales quote to your customers and identify your business merits out from other companies so as to Identifying your Company as well as Using Layout to Make your Sales Quotes more Attractive when Presents to your Customers.
Run business Quoting Software essentially on all kind of network and internet access environment by remote desktop, terminal server, or Citrix App Server technologies.
Make secured business Quoting Software system by Security Manager designed to cover simple and intuitive environments to full fly large companies and huge corporations with multi-level security requirement neatly and gracefully.
In our business Quoting Software the Configurator can help you make your complex product/service configuration as simple as one physical item, and each configuration can be easily re-used, modified and customized in your organization.
A number of special features and functionalities that bakes our Quoting Software Ready for your International multi-nations Trade Business expansion.
See Product/Service Item Seles History in Sales Quotes and Know Your Business Progress and Performance by Reporter coming out -of-box with 5 sales quotes reports and 4 product/service items reports. And you can do customizations to the existing reports to get whatever useful messages from your stored sales quotes.
Tweak Options over 500 settings and choices to make QwikQuote your beloved helper in your sales business career.


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Package: QwikQuote Professional
Description: Integration with Outlook
   & BCM, ACT!, APFW, QuickBooks,
   GoldMine, Telemagic, SalesLogix, etc.
   Plus reporting and network enabled. Price: $203.00
Package: QwikQuote Standard
Description: Integration with Outlook
   & BCM, ACT!, APFW, QuickBooks,
   GoldMine, Telemagic, SalesLogix, etc.
Price: $199.00
Thumb Raising Features in our Quoting Software

Access your Quote Software and Quote Data Remotely from Anywhere

You can use QwikQuote as long as you can connect to internet to access your quote software hosted in your Office PC, terminal Server, Citrix App Server, or Cloud. In all cases you have the same feeling and productivity without extra training or reeducation. You can choose the right remote access approach to your quote software system to meet your business and management requirements.

Sales Quoting Software Making Quotes as Easy as One, Two, Three

QwikQuote sales Quoting Software, invoice software lets you make quote in simple 3 steps as below:

  1. One click to bring in the current customer in your contact manager into QwikQuote.
  2. Pick product/service item from multiple databases your customer requires.
  3. Using our 'One-Click-to-Email' that will automatically do:
    1. Save quote for reporting and reuse.
    2. Create a PDF file of the quote.
    3. Create a History.
    4. Create a Linked Document
    5. Schedule a Sales Opportunity.
    6. Schedule an Activity.
    7. Email the quote.

Could it be even easier that this? To your surprise that the answer is 'Yes'. By using the 'auto-bring in contact' feature of our sales Quoting Software, you do not need the First step while making a new quote. If you choose this feature, the current contact in you contact manager and you Contact is always keeping synchronized in you sales Quoting Software. This will make your usage experience more enjoyable and sales and more profit in your business.

Best Sales Quoting Software and Invoice Software

That's why Personal Selling Power said 'QwikQuote is the leading business sales Quoting Software for customized sales quotes, sales invoices and estimates and you'll be glad because 'even the most complex quotes become a breeze.' QwikQuote is the original desktop quoting software that allows salespeople to effortlessly create sales quotes and sales invoices with only a few clicks of a mouse. Quoting should be easy and uncomplicated so you move quickly from a proposal to to an invoice, that's why we are known as 'The Easy One.' (See our Learning Center Video Making a Quick Quote)

Easiest to Use Sales Quoting Software and Invoice Software

Since we started selling QwikQuote 19 years ago, our aim has always been to provide companies with an easy way to get quotes, estimates, purchase orders and invoices to prospects, buyers and suppliers fast and trouble-free. Our Quoting Software will provide you with all the tools to make professional quotes and invoices in minutes, not hours. PC Today reported that a company told them: 'The nicest thing for us is that it made the job go a lot quicker and allowed us to put out a lot more quotes than we have before... That makes the company look good; the sales people look good, and the client happy. Everybody benefits.'"

Sales Quoting Software Integrated with Contact Management and CRM Software

QwikQuote was the first sales quoting and invoice software program to integrate seamlessly with the leading contact managers i.e. ACT! Outlook, Outlook + BCM, GoldMine, Maximizer, Saleslogix, and you can even use QuickBooks as your contact manager. It has its own free contact Manager, if you prefer. GE, Panasonic, AGF and Honeywell etc. as well as small home and popular companies have benefited from creating quotes in a timely manner. Increase your productivity and link your quotes automatically to your contact manager and get rid of quoting with MS Word and Excel today and download, install, and start to using it at your mouse click away.

Sales Quoting Software Live Links to Your Contact Management and CRM Programs

In addition to making a quote or an invoice, it lively links other important information from your contact manager and CRM Programs with your current quote, i.e.:

  1. Set the right State and County Tax Rate. No more looking up their rate.
  2. Set the appropriate Fright rate based on the shipping location.
  3. Set the correct customer pricing/terms automatically based on customer profile.
  4. Validate credit card information and more.
  5. Retrieve other fields from you contact manager and even set a default value.

Sales Quoting Software, Invoice Software Live Links to Accounting Software QuickBooks

Our Sales Quoting Software, Invoice Software closely integrated with widely used accounting software in home and small business setups well known as QuickBooks. The live links to QuickBooks in QwikQuote will allow you to quickly make a quote in QwikQuote into an estimate in QuickBooks or an order in QwikQuote to a sales invoice in QuickBooks. If you don't use a contact manager you could use QuickBooks as your contact manager because of our exceptional links can use QuickBooks customer directly. This program was recently rewritten from the ground up and has superior links that will make your sales quoting and sales invoicing a breeze.

Export to Other Format to Extend the Usability of the Quote Data in the Sales Quoting Software, Invoice Software

The quote data in QwikQuote sales Quoting Software can be exported in Excel and text format. From there you can change them in whatever format you need. It is up to your imagination how to use those data in your own purpose.

The data in QwikQuote sales Quoting Software also stored ultimately in an Access database file. QwikQuote has provided a basic reporting capability in its reporter application. The reporter database is a standard Access database so that you can access it by using Access normally. You can export data to other larger Accounting programs. If you need special help we are more than happy to assist you to develop a workflow that will be suite your company needs. We also offer custom programming at a reasonable rate. A number of companies and corporations had done quote data reporter customizations in the past years.

Sales Quoting Software and Invoice Software Comes with Preloaded Quote Templates and Invoice Templates

Layouts in QwikQuote Sales Quoting Software is customizable from start to finish. We have layouts for quoting templates; invoice templates you can use right from the start with only minimum changes i.e. Your Name and Address. You can easily cut and paste in your company's Logo. If you are a Manufactures Representative have several Quote forms or Order forms for each company you represent. You may want to have a credit card that is in your contact manager appearing on your quote or invoice automatically and this can be done at easy with User's fields in QwikQuote.

More Features and Functionalities Available in QwikQuote Sales Quoting Software Tools

Bundles or kits are easy to setup and maintain feature in our Quoting Software. Build your quote once and use over and over saving you a ton of time and QwikQuote will even allow you to edit on the fly will enhance your working efficiency even higher. You can turn on or off the following features in the Quote Program:

  1. Freeze Bundle Prices
  2. Include Line Item Prices
  3. Include Manufactures
  4. Include Part Numbers
  5. Hide Bundle Line

All quotes in the Quoting Software have the above features in addition to the following features and functionalities making an quotation program even more intelligent:

  1. Old quote price refreshing
  2. Configurator
  3. Substitute product for a discontinued product
  4. Required products
  5. Target price
  6. Minimum price
  7. nbspOrganize products with an easy to use Search Tree
  8. nbspBoth State and County Tax calculated automatically
  9. nbspFright price included

All Networks are supported to install and run our Quoting Software. Its server location is only a shared folder with FULL Control Rights to all salespersons who run QwikQuote on client computers and Workstations that will access the folder. This makes our quoting softwareto run on all kind of network environments for over 19 years without encounter any network issue. This also makes our Quoting Software is the easiest Quoting Software package to install and setup in any network environment.

Working over Internet is supported to run our Quoting Software and Invoice Software by using Remote Desktop over Internet technology that is included in XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. You can also run QwikQuote over internet by Windows Terminal Server client over internet and Citrix Application client over internet. Or you can host the quote software in the Cloud (Azure) just as you do with any of your local computer or office server. There are Lots of companies and organizations adopted this approach for many years to access their quote software remotely.

Completed Quoting Software Package acts as standalone product that does not require any other product to successfully setup a Sales Quoting Software and Invoice Software setup to create quotes and invoices.

Competitive Price of all Quoting Software in the market with professional edition price at $203.00 and standard edition at $199.00. In our Quoting Software offer the professional edition includes 12 months full tech support plus UMP and standard edition includes 3 months full tech support plus UMP. There is no other spending that making it works for you for many years reducing the total owner expenditure of the quotation software to minimum.

All Microsoft Windows Platforms are supported to install and run our Quoting Software and invoice software including Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, and 2003 R2, Windows 2008 and 2008 R2, both 32 bit and 64 bit Operating Systems. To run our Quoting Software and Invoice Software on MAC computers you need to run virtual PC with the guest OS as the Windows Platforms supported.

How to Run our Quoting Software on MAC Computers

Though QwikQuote is not a native MAC application, it can be used to construct your sales quotation software setup on your MAC computer in case you need to do so. Basically, to install and run QwikQuote on MAC computers, it is to run it on a Virtual PC environment with gest Operating System of Windows platform. To get a general idea how to run Windows Application programs on Mac computers, try to visit PC Emulators for possible solutions that meet your situations. Refer to the page 'How to Run QwikQuote Quoting Software on MAC for details' for steps to run VMware Fusion 3 on MAC and Windows Operating System of your choice to form an environment that is able to run our sales Quoting Software, quotation software, and invoicing software package. You can use them as a reference and adjust according to your actual situations.