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Download a free, full version of our Quoting Software.  Install and use it free for 30 days.  At the end of 30 days simply purchase it and apply your License Serial Number to make it go live.  No reinstall required.
Sales Quoting Software, Invoice Software, let you make quote as easy as in One, Two, Three steps, and go, Making QwikQuote the Easiest One to use.
High efficiency business Quoting Software that is lively integrated with Outlook, contact manager BCM, ACT, GoldMine, Maximizer, Telemagic, SalesLogix, etc. by get contact information instantly from the contact manager and CRM program you are using now and automatically keeps the feedback information in the contact manager and CRM application synchronized.
Quote from Product/Service items in the Price List database that is create anew and can be type in to build your Product/Service Price List database or import from other forms of your existing item pricing information media such as data in other database product, in Excel or other spreadsheets, or in different formatted text files by using built-in Price List import module free in our quotations software and save you import settings including field mapping relationship in n Import Mapping file for re-use to further simplify and seedy up your import work.
Choose from Common Used Pricing Method in our Quoting Software from most common used Pricing Methods in Price List view and re-Pricing, and use intuitive and native Item Pricing Rule to Simplify Complicated Pricing Process such as multi-national trading business landing price.
Use Bundle as the re-usable parts in quoting Process that gets everything from item price to display layout readyto compile a new quote faster and neater. You can greatly simplify the quote making process and raise the output rocket high if you have large number of re-usable bundles.
Design the Layout to that formatted with unique and characteristics that present the sales quote to your customers and identify your business merits out from other companies so as to Identifying your Company as well as Using Layout to Make your Sales Quotes more Attractive when Presents to your Customers.
Run business Quoting Software essentially on all kind of network and internet access environment by remote desktop, terminal server, or Citrix App Server technologies.
Make secured business Quoting Software system by Security Manager designed to cover simple and intuitive environments to full fly large companies and huge corporations with multi-level security requirement neatly and gracefully.
In our business Quoting Software the Configurator can help you make your complex product/service configuration as simple as one physical item, and each configuration can be easily re-used, modified and customized in your organization ' s different sub sales Quoting Software systems.
A number of special features and functionalities that bakes our Quoting Software Ready for your International multi-nations Trade Business expansion.
See Product/Service Item Seles History in Sales Quotes and Know Your Business Progress and Performance by Reporter coming out -of-box with 5 sales quotes reports and 4 product/service items reports. And you can do customizations to the existing reports to get whatever useful messages from your stored sales quotes.
Tweak Options over 500 settings and choices to make QwikQuote your beloved helper in your sales business career.


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Package: QwikQuote Professional
Description: Integration with Outlook
   & BCM, ACT!, APFW, QuickBooks,
   GoldMine, Telemagic, SalesLogix, etc.
   Plus reporting and network enabled. Price: $203.00
Package: QwikQuote Standard
Description: Integration with Outlook
   & BCM, ACT!, APFW, QuickBooks,
   GoldMine, Telemagic, SalesLogix, etc.
Price: $199.00
 About Us

Sales quotation software and Invoicing Software making you Enjoyable life

QwikQuote is the original and leading Sales quotation software and invoicing software Solution Package for product management and professional sales quotes and invoice documents creation. We are one of earliest quote program and invoice program in the Quoting Software market and in its 19 years longevity since 1991 it has accompanied and helped hundreds of thousands of big and small companies to growth up. QwikQuote as major in sales quotes and invoice document creating process makes it quick and easy to communicate with product/service item information, contact, client, and customer information, and creates customized sales quotes and invoices that identify your company and your business by present your sales quotes and invoice in your quotation templates and invoice templates. It can also generate Acrobat PDF Reader compatible PDF files of the sales quotes and e-mailing to your customer without additional software as simple as one mouse click - making the sales quotes composing process in your salesperson's career the pleasant and enjoyable life time.

With our Quoting Software, you'll spend more time with people your clients and your customers, and less time with paper work or computer fool around. It closely integrates with leading contact manager like Outlook, Outlook with Business Contact manager (BCM), ACT!, Goldmine, Maximizer, TeleMagic, Saleslogix, etc. and lively exchanges and synchronize contact and sales quotes information among them. It can import your existing product database in popular database formats and other spread sheet or text formats including SQL Database, Access database, Excel, dBase, and FoxPro, as well as a number of text format files. our Quoting Software uses simple yet effective merits that make them creation process much automatic and enjoyable experiences by taking over all details in the intuitive and intelligent approaches that all from long year of hundreds of thousands salesperson's practices and deep bran storms. With the help of our Quoting Software and invoicing software as the pivot, it glues tightly the contact manager program, the quotation software and invoice software, and the accounting software such as popular QuickBooks to form your sales quotation system and share, exchange, and synchronize the contact, product/service item, estimates, and invoices information among the sales quotation software system. our Quoting Software uses document layout as quotation templates to uniquely present them that identify your company and your business while making your sales quotes expression pleasant and impression and attraction to you clients and customers as well as transfer valuable business information to them.

Features, Functions, Behaviors in Quoting Software Run to Compose your Sales Quotes

Among many features, functions, behaviors, and Actions carefully designed to facilitate and speed up your sales quotes composition process, the feature Bundle is outstanding and remarkable widely used in many business and industry sections especially for large device and equipment sales. our Quoting Software can create "bundles" of your most popular products and re-use Bundles in the Quoting Process. In our quotation software, a bundle is any part of a quote or whole quote saved under the meaningful name for you to re-use in the quote making process. In each bundle, it not only makes a group of product/service items ready, it also makes the display formats exactly you need. You can bring in an existing bundle in the quotint software system into Quote View, edit and modify it and then save it as a new bundle for re-use. A Bundle can be seen as a quote part in our quotation software tool. You can make a one part quote by only using 1-Mouse Click to bring in a bundle or by a few mouse clicks to make a multi-parts to bring in more bundles. You can also choose to show all product/service item details in a bundle to your customers or hide those details by showing a bundle as one line item. By using the Bundle feature in our Quoting Software you can greatly simplify the quote making process and raise the quote output rocket high if you have large number of re-usable bundles.

After analysis a large number of sales quote compilation processes it was turned out that finding right product/service for the right customers occupy most large part of the whole efforts, especially with large sales quotes in important sales projects. Our Quoting Software and invoicing software has accumulated rich features to facilitate this process during it 19 years longevity. It has special fields in the Price List database specially designed to form structural organization ready to show in most popular and familiar tree view as in the Windows Explorer. It can be sort by any field and search for any field to quickly located the likelihood product/service items and show them in the form at your choices in the Price List View. It has special ordering mechanism for you to ordering the Product/service items. The searching for process is in action while you typing each char and instantly show the progressing result in the form specified by you so that you know how far you are closing to your searching target and goal. If you know you stuff to sell so well you can typing their Part No. directly and our Quoting Software will find the most closely the one you are trying to find directly into its line item. Our quotation andinvoice software allows you to make quote by using items in account software it supports directly from Item List in the accounting software. The present release supports most popular accounting software in home and small business environments QuickBooks with the same look and feel picking and using the item in QuickBooks Item List in quote compilation process directly within our Quoting Software. In case you need to, you can enter information directly into the quote 'on-the-fly' as Ad Hoc item. This is a ready feature in case you need to add something in your quote out of mind instantly. You can add the item information into a Price List database at your choice for re-use later after you typed in the Ad Hoc item. All those functions and features are organized in the very natural and intuitive way so that depending on your working style you can use whatever comfortable for you. QwikQuote is rapidly becoming the standard for product management software for corporations large and small.

To know your business progress and performance, our interactive profit and commission Analysis button helps monitor the Cost, Profit, Margin, Commission, and the impact of price changes on the currency sales quote. You can also use different Quote Reports to tell you the business progress and performance in your Quoting Software and Invoicing Software system as one of out-of-box features in QwikQuote Professional edition. The quote reports will use information in all Sales Quotes you made to show item, customer, profit, commission, and other important value flowing on your sales quote program. In Quote Report, there are 5 reports for you to know the progress and performance of your business quote tools. Refer to the QwikQuote Reporter - Tell you Business Performance for more details.

Why Computerized Sales Automation?

In sales, even more than in other fields, time is money. As companies downsize, the sales force is asked to sell more products that are more technical in nature in more competitive environments. To succeed, sales people must be equipped with the right product and pricing information that quickly satisfies the modern customer's demands and time constraints.

A common complaint among product and marketing managers is that 10% of products constitute 90% of sales. This is partly because salespeople tend to sell what they know especially in case you have a large number of products and services to offer, and, in today's environment of complex products, it has become impossible to stay abreast of your company's entire product line.

QwikQuote remedies that problem by providing an electronic means of storing product information in the form of picture, video, database, and free text that is instantly available when a customer asks a question. In addition, this electronic information can be updated whenever you want and it is far less expensive to reproduce than the black binders that have historically been distributed at sales meetings.

The real benefit of sales automation this sales quotation program and invoice program bring to you is higher return on your investment.

Given the on-going expense of a sales force and the ever increasing costs of a sales call, even a modest improvement in sales productivity provides a generous payback. our Quoting Software is the quote tool that gets the right information into your hands for a quick, efficient close.

Close Integration with Account Software - QuickBooks

QwikQuote closely and seamlessly integrated with well known and popular accounting software QuickBooks. The following features are implemented in the QwikQuote Links to QuickBooks Module in our Quoting Software and invoice software:

  1. It integrates your contact manager, our Quoting Software, and accounting software seamlessly, resulting your higher efficiency and happier working time. You get better business result in your Quoting Software system.
  2. It works with all QuickBooks releases from QuickBooks 2002 to the latest QuickBooks 2010. It works with all QuickBooks editions from Simple Start, Professional, Premier, to Enterprise Solution editions.
  3. The business information flow smoothly among your contact manager, our Quoting Software and QuickBooks in your Quoting Software and invoice software system. Depending on your working emphasis and working custom, you can:
    1. Either picking customer information directly from you QuickBooks Customer List for a sales quote or order, or bring contact information from you contact manager and then add the contact into QuickBooks customer list. You never re-type them in different software applications again.
    2. Either select item from QuickBooks Item list directly for a sales quote or order, or select item from Price List and add them into QuickBooks when saving an Estimate or Invoice, or import/export to get the item information synchronized between our Quoting Software Price List and QuickBooks Item List.
    3. o Saving quote information in QwikQuote to estimate in QuickBooks and order information in QwikQuote to invoice in QuickBooks at the different sales quotes process stages as you need during sales quotes compilation in you quotation software and invoice software system.
  4. All our Quoting Software supported contact managers are working fine in this scenario such as ACT, GoldMine, Outlook, Outlook + BCM, Maximizer, TeleMagic, Saleslogix, etc. in your sales Quoting Software and invoice software system.

QwikQuote the Simplest & Easiest Sales Quoting Software and Invoicing Software